Fraud Prevention

A transaction that is not authorized by a customer is referred to as fraudulent. A fraudulent transaction can result in a chargeback. Our built-in Risk Analysis brings suspicious orders to our attention so we can investigate them.

We investigate suspicious orders in several ways.


Charge Backs

If you have an issue with a charge on your credit card, then contact your bank and dispute the charge. The bank will then make a chargeback or inquiry.

You might dispute a charge for a variety of reasons. For example, you might not remember making a purchase, or you might feel that the product received was not what you expected.


This is the typical process for an inquiry:

  • The customer disputes a charge with their bank.
  • The customer's bank makes an inquiry and sets a due date. The bank does not take the disputed amount from you.
  • You and Shopify gather evidence to figure out whether the charge was valid.
  • Your payment provider sends a response to the customer's bank.
  • The bank reviews the evidence.
  • Within 60 days, the bank resolves the inquiry.
  • If you the inquiry is closed in your favor, then the disputed amount will be returned to you. If the customer wins, then the customer's bank will take the disputed amount and a fee from you.

Shop Smart believes in the security and protection of its customers and wants you to feel safe while shopping with us.